Happy Trails

Anyone else notice the continuing trend of athleisure wear? I’m not one for jumping on to band wagons but I am for utility, comfort and looking good while doing it.

One of the many things I want to do this year is to get outdoors, explore more trails, hunt for geocaches, and grab fresh air because these four walls close in on me while working from home.

I grabbed the new Nike All Conditions Gear trail shoes and dry-fit shirt in anticipation of getting outside more. Just like Apple, Nike is a luxury item with excellent quality materials that last. Leisure, luxury and the outdoors, apparently is something more of us can do with during these pandemic years.

It’s time to take this outside. Happy trails!

Aero Denbow

This is my first flight since pre-pandemic times and I couldn’t be happier. Travel, exploring, getting away is all in my nature. Every time I am in an international airport I fight the urge to upgrade my flight to go anywhere else. Next stop: everywhere.

Airports are also the ultimate people-watching venues. The hurry-up-and-waiting people, the professionals in their suits, the vacationing couple, the curious, polite foreigners, etc. Airport terminals are a neutral zone and I want more.

Robbers Cave

Nothing like a glorious hike in the Fall. This was the first day we reset our clocks to standard time so we had to hit the trail at the right time. Then, to catch the early sunset (5PM), we drove through the Talimena scenic byway near the Arkansas border. Of course I had to bring a camera along.

I love photo walks. I love photo hiking. When I am hiking and see this wide open space of nature, it helps me thing in a different, more freeing and expansive way. Like my mind is open to possibilities and expansion.

Must find more opportunities to do this in the fall and winter to keep my brain active.

Route 66…Again

Having journeyed the whole route of Route 66, the highway that runs through six states from Chicago to Los Angeles, the road beckons again. It doesn’t help that I live one block away from it here in Tulsa. There is a reminder everyday to get back on it and go. In the meantime, I have a lot of reminders as Tulsa is the final resting place of the creator of Route 66, Cyrus Avery. Tulsa is almost the exact center of the route and they have built it up as such with many markers and symbolism.

This weekend was spent finding more than a few geocaches along the route in Tulsa, including some markers I have not seen before. A reminder for me to keep going out and never stop exploring.

Cyrus Avery


Geocaching is the world’s largest treasure hunt. Using GPS coordinates, you can navigate to a hidden cache, sign the log, maybe grab some trinkets and then move on to the next one. Perfect for getting out and exploring places you ordinarily wouldn’t discover on your own. I can’t tell you how many times I went off in search of a cache and have been rewarded with the journey to it.

See this image of geocaching and more on my photography website.