Minimalist iPhone

I’ve been looking for an everyday minimal carry and to reduce dependency from an iPhone for some time. I want to limit distractions, I don’t want to carry my iPhone with me everywhere, until I do. But I want the freedom of choice sometimes to leave it at home but still be able to communicate if needed. Then I realized, I have a perfect, minimalist iPhone on my wrist- the Apple Watch series 7 with cellular capability.

With the Watch I can make/receive phone calls, text, e-mail and receive notifications from employees all while leaving the iPhone behind.

I can leave my wallet behind and simply scan my Watch over a pay terminal for transactions via Apple Wallet. Eventually, my state’s drivers license will be digital so no more wallet and physical cards to keep up with. Availability sometime in 2022. Not holding my breath.

Music and podcasts stream well thanks to the AirPods connectivity.

What does a photography enthusiast do without the use of his powerful iPhone camera? Bring a physical camera instead. Duh.

Now that I have this realization, I cannot wait to test it out. Sure, I’ll take my license while driving about, but when I am on a walk, a hike or a photo walk? No more phone weight or distractions. Watch me.

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