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Recently I wrote about my software and services that I pay for to create with. This was an eye-opening post at all the money spent going into these services. After analyzing some options and costs, I’ve decided to post an update for myself reminding me why and how I choose services going forward.

Adobe Photography Plan- I’ve been using Adobe products for 15 years and hated it when they switched to subscription model. A lot of value here for $10 monthly. Plus, they host my photography website. Is it possible to do without it? Yes. I have made software purchases ahead of leaving Adobe, but…it’s a tough one. I have canceled my Adobe plan in favor of the one time purchase of Pixelmator Pro. This software is compatible with all of my devices and ties into Apple Photos. This means my photography website, once hosted on Adobe Portfolio is now moving over to WordPress. $120 annually in savings.

WordPress- My website host for the past 19 years. They’ve been outstanding but lately quite proud of their offerings and the subscription costs jump as a result. This is why I’ve been looking at Micro.blog as an alternative. $80 annually. This past weekend I created a self-hosting option from WordPress to shave that cost in half. This ended in disaster. Nothing worked right from the installation into my server, all the way to the basic coding scripts. Multiple errors and frustrations. The hosted (costlier) version of this website stays. WordPress have made their hosted version foolproof and therefore worth it to me to stick with them.

Feedbin- Consider it to be a podcast player, but for blogs, YouTube videos, newsletters and more. There are other feed readers out there for a hell of a lot less but FeedBin checks all the right boxes, and it has been great, but $50 a year with no software improvements? Why? Subscription ends in February and I will not renew in favor of a one time purchase called Reader. Compatible with all devices. $50 annually in savings.

Micro.blog- I was looking for alternative blog hosts such as Ghost.org or Micro.blog. Both have amazing features but I cannot see the difference from where I am at now.

Ulysses- One of the best software tools around for writers. $50 annually versus the one time paid app I also have called iA Writer. I’m typing this up with it now. Subscription renewed in November. Status is: will not renew Ulysses. $50 annually in savings.

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