The Hipstamatic

I’ve been enjoying the Hipstamatic camera app for almost 10 years now and in my opinion, this is one of the most fun film emulators you can use.

Digital photography has never looked so analog. You can swipe and choose over 100 lenses, film stocks, camera bodies and flashes to get that beautiful film look.

I wouldn’t call it a replacement for my film cameras by any means, but you also won’t have to wait hours or days to enjoy the results either.

Hipstamatic has made it even more fun by adding a built in Passport that rewards you for taking daily snaps and gently reminds you to go out and take some pics during “Snappy Hour.”

Currently Reading 3/16/2021

The Book Buddy app

As usual, the library has my desired titles on hold for weeks, and then seems to release them all at once. If I don’t check them out promptly, they’ll go to the next patron and I’ll need to wait for even more weeks.

This week, there are four titles that I am reading all at once. I just finished one so make it three more to go.

Side note: I’m enjoying the Book Buddy iOS app that allows me to log what I am reading and have read. More on this later.

Connectile Dysfunction

All my home and mobile connectivity goes through one provider, T-Mobile. So when the closest tower has maintenance issues, it is crucial to have it resolved quickly.

For a communications provider they really haven’t been communicative which adds more frustration.

The technical issues are getting better slowly but the support is as intermittent as the signals.

iPad Upgrades

Just grabbed a new Apple Smart Keyboard for the iPad as well as a SIM card to make it truly mobile this week.

The Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro and iPad Air is a full-size keyboard when I need one, and provides elegant front and back protection when I don’t. With two viewing angles and no charging or pairing required, it’s simple to just attach the magnetic keyboard and start typing. My only gripes are the stiff keys and no backlit keys. There is no need to connect wires or Bluetooth. Smart!

I also decided to grab some unlimited mobile data with a SIM card from T-Mobile and take it on the road. The idea being to upload images and text from the upcoming road trip planned for next month.

3-3 Groundhog Resolutions Check-In

Wow! Is it check-in time already? That was fast and apparently I was not as mentally prepared as I wanted to be. So here’s a recap of February’s resolutions:


Did I mention I was on the Keto diet last month? Funny how that was completely ignored and did just the opposite. Bring on the carbs and sugar this past month. In fact, as a way of public accountability, I enjoyed an evening at the pub, then stopped off at the convenience store for some doughnuts and milk before bed. Disgusting.

Nutrition was just thrown out the window. How about fitness? HA! Another complete breakdown. I was logging 30m of exercise daily for two months straight and then- nothing or the bare minimum. Pathetic.


If you look closely at the ukulele, you can see my fingerprints underneath dust.

I took some portrait work this past month. I’ve decided once again that I am done with portraits. Making the mental switch to urban and outdoor photography instead. 

This past month? You’re looking at it. Disappointing.


And there you have it: disgusting, pathetic, disappointing.

Here’s hoping I get off my ass and do the things I know are better for me as opposed to sloth and convenience. Either way, I’ll check back in here on 4/4 for the next review of how I do!