How Much Is Beauty Worth?


Almost nothing as it turns out.

Here’s what I mean: it takes little effort to acquire beauty thereby the value of it decreases. You can push a button to make music from digital instruments. The internet gives us access to useful and useless information. Some of us pay hundreds of dollars for photo software when most of us pay little to free for apps on our phones to do the same thing. Why have expensive cameras and lenses at all when we have our phones?

We expect all of this to be free and on demand. We expect it to be free because it is easy to do and acquire. Anyone with a phone can now compete directly with professionals. Yes, the quality and style may be less but we’re trained to compromise quality for cheapness.

So who am I shooting for? You? Someone who wants my stuff and is willing to pay for it? Absolutely not. I shoot for myself because it is fun, therapeutic and I get to see new shit all the time. If someone else places a value on it, cool.

Photo Exercises

In order to take advantage of the benefits of a good photo walk, try some of these visual exercises as well.

  • Walk around shooting anything and everything. Don’t discriminate, keep your mind open
  • Focus on color, monochrome, texture, composition
  • If you shoot primarily with your camera, try your phone’s camera instead. Vice versa. Change it up.
  • Look for different color combos, shapes, curves, leading lines
  • Process your photos with different styles. Over-saturate, add shadows.
  • Use your flash to drastically change the outcome.

Any or all of these exercises could help you flex your artistic muscles

Photo Walk

Now that spring time is officially here, it is time to stand up, stretch, and get moving. What better way to ease into it than a walk with your camera?

Physical fitness is essential to your artistic fitness. In order for you to become a better photographer you must become a better person.

In other words, the more physically fit you are, the better artist you are. Think of it as photography therapy. When you prioritize your physical fitness, you can become more productive.

Walk. A lot.

Start lifting again.

Make your diet a priority

Sleep better

Limit alcohol intake

Feed your creativity by walking inside museums or galleries, walking around town with your camera or walk around public spaces.

The more you shoot, the more photographically fit you can become.

What better way to enjoy the fresh Spring air?

Who’s Rules?

“I didn’t write the rules — why should I follow them?”

                                                   – W. Eugene Smith


Date a girl who travels. Date a girl who would rather save up for out of town trips, or day trips than buy new shoes or clothes. She may not look fashionable, but behind that tanned and freckle face from all the days out in the sun, lies a mind that can take you places and an open heart that will take you for what you are, not for what you can be.

3/3 GHR Check-In!

Time to review my progress from this past month. This is the 11th annual attempt at creating life-long habits for myself. I’ve discovered that because of the after the end-of-year holidays I am not mentally or physically capable of sticking with resolutions for the upcoming new year. I need a break so I take the whole month of January off to reflect and plan.

Dance lessons. We’re leaning towards country dancing. I’ll see what I can do to change that.
Kickboxing/sparring: Can you believe my gym has only one class a week? Yep, I call BS too. Guess we’ll have to do this at home.
Disc Golf. Waiting on warmer weather
Yoga/Meditation: Still not a habit but I am enjoying this more. There is a yoga studio nearby and classes at the gym.
All of this with a goal to drop 25 pounds. My motto will be “Eat clean, train mean, get lean”. Three pounds so far. That recent road trip didn’t help.

Learn Python: Not the data scientist yet but there is some lessons learned.

///Print (“Hello World!”)

Sketching, drawing, doodling: learned some tips and tricks on using the Pencil. Shading, pressure, etc. 
Learn Spanish: “Mi nombre es Chris Denbow”
Learn Chinese: “Ni hao, wo de minzi jio Chris Denbow”
Learn to play the ukulele: I picked up the instrument once this month, tuned it and then moved on to something else.

DAM- Digital Asset Management: Progress! The new year allowed me to start fresh, purge and then organize the keepers into months. Granted, only two months but there were a lot of photos so far.
Write short stories. “He had seen a lot of incredible sights when working with his camera over the years. But nothing like this and certainly nothing he wanted to see ever again.”
Write micro fiction: Micro fiction or flash fiction? I’m on the fence as to what to call it. Haven’t done it though.
Work on that novel: Or not. Still overwhelmed.
52 week challenge: Number 9 out of 52 has been completed


Order a credit report and start settling some debts for less.This has been done and am currently disputing some items that should not be on there. Got a few knocked off. Yay.
Build credit with a secured credit card: Done!

See you back here on 4/4 for the next review of how I do!

Why Portraits?

Someone asked me the other day what type of photography do I like to shoot. Immediately my response was “portraits.”


Because people are fascinating!

Because people have individual personalities and expressions.

Because people have stories to share.

Because people are intrigued by other people.

Ever go to a museum and notice we are drawn to portraits more often than any other subject? Because people back then are just like us. In the future, they will appreciate and absorb content about us.

This is why I focus on photographing people.