Physical Challenge: Get Fit/Stay Fit

40 minute workout every other day.

Warm up = 5m, 3 circuits for a total of 30m. 1 circuit = 10 minutes. Each circuit will be a mixture of exercises. Cool down = 5m.

A minimum of 30m cardio training every other day. Running or cycling.

I even want to work in some yoga and stretching.



Lean meats like chicken, turkey and fish with one splurge a week of red meat. Whataburger anyone?

Veggies. Need to stay away from white potatoes though.



Mental Challenge

My brain is constantly seeking input. I enjoy taking tech news and hacks to implement it into my life. It isn’t a fear of missing out (FOMO) that seems to be the case with most people.

In order to prove that to myself, I look for chances to expand my brain and learn.

The problem is maintaining that focus. I’ll blame the distractions but it probably isn’t true. ┬áIf I come across something that stumps me, I’ll set it aside and eventually get back to it. By then, I am starting from scratch again.

For now, I have signed up for a self-help track on web design fundamentals using the Code Academy website. All web-based, this and other courses allow someone to learn step by step and can see the results on the same page. Brilliant.

Moving on. If you know me then you know I read. A lot. I’m thinking that most of what I read is for entertainment purposes and not educational. Do I need both? Can I have both?

As a Linux user, I have scratched the surface of using the operating system. I want to get down to the kernel of it and challenge myself to learn the command line instead of relying on a graphical user interface.

I will work it out enough to host my websites and email server.

Turning off the online streaming video would help too.

Ok, go.

Spiritual Challenge: Prep

How can someone who works on weekends, including Sundays ever hope to maintain a relationship with God?

There has been a real lack of a relationship and fellowship with other Christians for a long time now.

This coming from a guy who used to study for a degree in Theology and ministry.

Yes, I can read my Bible daily (haven’t), pray frequently (not) but still miss out on opportunities to worship.

So, my first challenge will be to discipline myself to do just the basics to get my relationship right with God. I left, not Him.

The WonderWife came up with a suggestion so obvious and right up my alley that I missed it.

I’ve been appreciating Lifechurch, a multi-site organization that has a huge digital offering as well. With their worship sessions online and their unbeatable YouVersion Bible app this is a no-brainer for me.

So, I am gathering these resources and implementing them tonight for daily use.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength. – Philippians 4:13

Four Challenges

Can I really tackle four life changing tasks at once? I suppose that is why they are challenges.

My challenges will be focused on mental, physical, spiritual and social disciplines.

I’ve squandered opportunities and have become complacent. No more.

I will do what it takes to better myself and those around me even if it kills me (it won’t).

There will be daily posts of updates, setbacks and scenarios overcoming those daily challenges. I am not committing to facing all four each day (not yet). Categories will be added and catalogued that way for better organization.

By way of pumping myself up, I am adding a promo video from this year’s Tough Mudder events. Also, that will be a challenge and a goal in itself. I’ve already done 2 different adventure races and now I need to prepare for this one. Whew. Here goes.