In The Bag


I’ve seen a lot of people on the net share both their desktop workspaces and what is in their bags. Over the years I have whittled down and secured only the essentials needed for portable computing. I’ve waited for technology to give me what I needed.

Today I am sharing my minimalist setup in the bag.

The Chromebook- I’ve already documented what a simple and effortless device this is. It weighs next to nothing and syncs everything.

The Nexus 7 tablet- This is my portable library. I also stream music, videos. If the mood strikes I’ll play games on it and more.

Galaxy S3 Phone- Wake me up when the iPhone is ready to compete, will you?

Bluetooth Mouse- Operates all 3 devices if I desired.

Moleskine Notebook- In case my thoughts go analog instead of digital. This also doubles as my mousepad. Sharpie pen is thin and doesn’t bleed through the pages.

Timbuk2 Bag – Excellent size, light and very well padded. One compartment for the chromebook and another for the rest.

All together the contents are equal to a hardback book in weight, and all three device’s data are synchronized.

This blows me away

In The Midst

“Just occasionally you find yourself in an odd situation. You get into it by degrees and in the most natural way. But when you are right in the midst of it you are suddenly astonished and ask yourself how in the world it all came about”.

– Thor Heyerdahl from Kon-Tiki

I|O 2013


This year’s Google developer conference revealed quite a few more reasons for me to swoon over and enjoy. There were also a few items I wish were addressed but was disappointed.


Completely redesigned social network and hub for almost everything Google. Love the new “Google Now” cards interface. A lot cleaner and they brought in the Roboto font from Android in too. The photos section got some new tricks up it’s sleeve as well.


Code named “Babel” while in development this cross-platform app when done will unify the G+ video hangouts, the IM client formerly known as Talk, and Google Voice for phone. Even the iSheep can use it.

Google Music, Books

The redesigned Google Music beat Apple to the music streaming game. I signed up for the $7.99 a month service (called All Access) for unlimited music that compliments the music I already own and interfaces with each other.

The Books offering allows me to upload my own content such as PDF documents, share them, etc. I’ve accumulated tons of self-published books and can now enjoy them in location.

Google TV

My Google TV player will be enjoying more frequent updates and is scheduled to upgrade to version 4.2 Jelly bean soon. w00t.

Disappointed In…

After it was announced that everyone’s favorite RSS feed reader was killed off, we had all hoped there would be a much improved alternative. Not so. At least we would have a more robust and user-friendly Google Currents, right? No.

Blogger. Google bought this company years ago and it has been a bastard ever since. Unloved and unwanted. If they ever focused on this service I would be all over it right now.


There is of course so much more announced at IO but these are the highlights for me. Redesigned Maps, developer tools, Google Glass etc. are all coming soon so there is plenty to look forward to soon.

The Best Laid Plans

Where did they go? Its been a long five years since I’ve lost a lot.

I have been doing everything else trying to get back to that life by taking on the odd job here and there and doing things I am not interested in.

I’ve been wandering around way too long and I haven’t the first damn clue as to what I am supposed to do.

My plans and goals and dreams have gone away and I don’t know how to get them back.

I want to return to making a self-sufficient life. One that can support my family. I want them to be proud of me. 

I want to be proud of myself.